Take off- Take in


Summer 2017

De Nouveau nous avons le plaisir de vous recevoir.

Venez nombreux!

Welcome to the takeoff project Marseille 2017

Once more the project "take off take in" took place, this time in Barcelona.

Après un mois dans l'atelier dans la rue des abeilles!

Trailer "Kermesse Battoir 2014 La Chapelle Saint Sauveur"  password/mot de passe:  lachapp

Exhibition "Takeoff" in Lyon

La Groupe "Takeoff" chez la grande danseuse Annie Legros à Lyon. Password: Lyon2014

Tonight we had the opening and closing of our 2 hour exhibition "Uferlos" with the project Takeoff in the MJC in Lyon.

Big thanks to the MJC and all the participants.

The young artists Annabelle, Arlinda, Johanna, Naima, Nga, Nebe, Mana, Dominik and Manuele showed their impressive work from 4 weeks in Lyon.

Thank you Charlotte Bohl and Nadége Fundschler for your hard work supporting and organizing the group during more then one month.